Kesha’s “Rainbow”, A First Impressions Review

Rainbow is a rebirth. The birth of what seems to be a new artist. An album that has been a healing process for Kesha, has finally been released after 4 years following great personal and publicised media troubles, a legal case, rape, eating disorders and a constant mental battle. The album is strongly themed around… Continue reading Kesha’s “Rainbow”, A First Impressions Review

BREAKING: Brit Almost Attacked at Vegas Show

At Brit’s vegas show , 9th August 2017, a man climbed on stage frantically and rumoured to have been trying to attack Britney herself. The show comes to a sudden halt as a man is wrestled to the ground by security guards, two more guards accompany britney and eventually escort her off stage. Britney is… Continue reading BREAKING: Brit Almost Attacked at Vegas Show