End Of Year Lists

10. Joanne

 A little disappointment for me personally. Still a great album. Standout tracks for me are Million Reasons, Dancing In Circles, Hey Girl & of course Perfect Illusion. Unfortunately this album lost replay value to me a long while ago too. This album to me mourns the death of gaga the POP-STAR and that she probably won’t ever return to that form again. Even her videos have lacked that power she had. At the same time, I still cling to her some what I guess in memory of what she was.

9. 24k Magic-

I love the sounds he played with on this after selling out to the success of Uptown Funk lmao. This aside this album is really a great album to jam too. Good Work Bruno!

8. Mind Of Mine-

Another really easy to listen to album. So peaceful and kinda stress releasing. My fav songs on this are Pillowtalk and Tio. TIO especially is a major jam for me. Zayn did THAT! The visuals for this album have been great too.Super excited to see where his next album will take him.

7. Starboy-

I haven’t quite got into this album as much as I thought I would however I still accept its greatness. I definitely dig the dark vibe this gives off especially on tracks like Party monster. Mysterious.


A album low key full of BOPS and no filler tbh even the filler songs slay me like Gonna Get Better and Squeeze. I have stanned fifth harmony so hard this year and replayed this album more times than I can remember so I wish I could rank it higher.. but that’s not possible. Favs are Thats My Girl, Work From Home, I lied, All In My Head, 1000 Hands and Big Bad Wolf. Special props to Camila’s verse on Gonna Get Better. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Camila in the group, however I really think the girls will grow better together as a group and the music will benefit from this. I’m expecting both 5H and Camila to be releasing amazing material in 2017.

5. Mad Love-

An eagerly awaited album like 10 years in the making. This album is such a relief for her fans and I can’t even imagine how much it would be her. In this album she SOARS especially on songs like the intro song Music.

4. Anti-

Such a different album for Rih, and of course her most personal to date. This is her element. Low key her best album. An easy album to listen to.

3. Lemonade-

My Fav album from Beyonce. Standout tracks for me Pray You Catch Me, All Night, Freedom, Love Drought. Beyonce did THAT, However I think she lost hype with this album compared to ST and that people don’t dig this album anywhere near as much as ST.

2.Dangerous Woman-

A POP MASTERPIECE. So much replay value I still listen to this very day. Ariana’s best album to date. So many incredibly songs here like Dangerous Woman, Into You, Touch it and my ultimate fav, Sometimes. Her vocals on that song are so bloody incredibly. So proud of Ariana.

1. Glory-

For us Britney fans, this wasn’t just her putting out an extraordinary album. This was her tackling demons like Myah Marie and restoring her artistic integrity and legendary status. She finally took the reigns back of her career and took the time to gift us this creation from the vaults of Gods treasures. Make Me will go down as one of my fav Britney songs EVER. Slumber Party Video will go down as one of my fav Britney videos. So many AMAZING tracks here. Change Your Mind, Just Luv Me , Liar. So many influences from past albums. So many times during this album I thought for a split second I was listening to ITZ or something. Britney. Glory. 2016.