2018 Update

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a bit over a month now since I last posted,my first of the new year actually!!
I’ve been so damn busy with work, I’ve been super focused since my america holiday late last year. I’ve been working on a positive vibe positive life goal for 2018. I’ve gotten rid of fake/bitchy friends that just brought me down, Came out to my mum, and working my way towards a brand new manager job!! I’m also SERIOUSLY considering creating a youtube channel too.

I’ll have a couple posts coming VERY SOON. A January Britney Catch up featuring all the news events and rumours about britney that happened in january, a review of my time seeing britney in vegas, and hopefully some more indepth blogs too cause I know ya’ll love them.

thanks for sticking with me. heres to 2018. xx Mitchell


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