Britney’s Promotional Plan in talks for 2018 Album

A considerably reliable insider (pandorasound) on twitter has given insight onto the future of britneys career in terms of next album/and touring.

The label has had a meeting and for Britneys next album, they will make her go hard on a promotional campaign which has to be in place before the album, or they won’t go ahead with the era. Then they will cut all budget to her.

They will basically make her work HARD, harder than the glory era which was already a step in the right direction.
if this was pre-glory I feel like britney would have spiraled back into not giving a fuck -ala FF era performances, but now adays I really feel Britney has the motivation and drive for her career again and wants to succeed.

They believe bundling with a tour is the right way to get commercial success and make profit.

Link here to the twitter

Either way 2018 is set to be a big year as Britney gets set to celebrate her 20th year in music.


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