A Reflection of “Bionic” in 2017

It was an album that had been a long time coming. Following the successful Back To Basics album in 2006, Christina took a few years out for herself and to properly focus on creating a new album, one that she said she would release when ready. However by the time 2010 rolled around we were in a new era of music. There was an abundance of new pop stars, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and the way we consumed music had very slowly started to change.

Bionic is an album, that Christina herself said was released ahead of its time. And she’s correct. In 2017 Bionic sounds as fresh and intriguing as ever. It’s really stood well against time. However in 2010 in a world of fresh exciting bubblegum pop girls it was not the case.

It received mixed reactions at the time, and that paired with a tarnished image ( lady gaga comparisons and a lot of “wtf christina’s?”) all in all is what made this album “flop”.

Bionic, with its exciting electronic tracks, emotional powerful ballads and all the sexiness in between, will remain iconic in pop culture, and in the years to come as it already has, it will become more respected and appreciated.


Can we talk about I Hate Boys being the anthem that would fit into todays “fuckboy” society


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