Taylor Swift’s New Single Success & Ticket Scam

You either love her or hate her. She’s just launched her instantly successful new single Look What You Made Me Do, to huge success, acclaim and of course haters. After one day of release the single has already broken spotify records as the most streamed song in a day EVER with 8 Million streams just on spotify, has been reported to have sold JUST UNDER 200k on its first day on itunes, and has also become the most watched video on youtube( LYRIC VIDEO BTW) of the year already. She’s off to a smashing start already but she isn;t stopping there.
Buy the new single here on Amazon http://amzn.to/2vzkDqJ

She launched a new way to buy concert tickets…

A fun animated video appeared on her website, making it seem like there was a game to play in order to get a better place in line to buy concert tickets.
The game is… to buy merchandise from her website, pre-order her album multiple times from 13 different retailers, all to get a better place in line… which doesn’t even GUARANTEE you tickets.

Basically Taylor gets richer and her fans get poorer as they shed out hundreds on buying the merchandise on her site ( most items at $60us+), while the fans THEN have to pay for the full price ticket like normal afterwards.

Have a look at the fun illustrated video (scam in disguise ) here

Taylors new album Reputation is out November 10th!!! The new single is HERE http://amzn.to/2vzkDqJ


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