Kesha’s “Rainbow”, A First Impressions Review

Rainbow is a rebirth. The birth of what seems to be a new artist. An album that has been a healing process for Kesha, has finally been released after 4 years following great personal and publicised media troubles, a legal case, rape, eating disorders and a constant mental battle.

The album is strongly themed around loving yourself, letting go of past hurt and trauma, self acceptance, female acceptance, love and of course Rainbows. It’s the truest reflection of the Artistic Kesha that we have seen to date.

The highlight of the album is without a doubt, lead single Praying, which oozes uncontrollable emotion ( make sure you have the tissues ready). Her soaring vocals fill the air over the track, with an incredible E5 note at the climax of the song.

Learn To Let Go is another fav of mine. Letting go is hard to do sometimes when someone has hurt you, but it’s the best thing you can do to truly be free and love yourself!

Other honourable mentions go to Hymn, finding you, Rainbow & Boots.

A quote from Kesha that i’ll forever live by : “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and wishing your opponent to die”, and that truly is what this album projects. Loving yourself. Learning to forgive and forget. Finding your Inner Rainbow. She deserves every bit of success she gets for this.



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