2014 vs 2017

Hello my readers, I know it’s been a long time since my last post, 4 months to be exact, and I never wanted it to be that long of a break ever between posts..So I promise I’ll be more constant.

I decided to do a “then vs now” post reflecting how far we as Britney fans and Britney herself have come in the past three years.

See, 2014 was a disasterous time for us fans.

We had just had Britney Jean, a lacklusture album in which she hardly sang on ( another blog, still coming btw), a flop era which was dead after release week, we had the piece of me show.. which she was a sloppy mess at back then. She then even went as far to pre record a performance of Pretty Girls at vegas for an awards show…

Us fans had lost hope in Britney. She had lost hope in herself.

We never thought she would release a good album again… we never thought she would get that spark back again… we never thought she would perform live at an award show again… or tour again worldwide… or sing LIVE.

But here we are in 2017. And she’s done it all. Have faith.


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