Seeing Justin Bieber Live! Brisbane, Aus 2017

just thought I would write a quick blog about my experience seeing justin bieber live last monday. I know this is not a britney related blog and I’m all about that here, but I thought ya’ll might like to hear about it!

So I travelled 3 hours total to Brisbane, Australia last sunday for our concert there Monday night! Brisbane was an experience for me as I’m not from the City, driving in that was chaos and stressful, triggered my anxiety greatly.

Anyways so we got to the Stadium, and I bought a shirt, a bag and a tour book from the merch shops there which I was really excited about then we proceeded inside to our seats. The opening acts were sheppard and martin garrix, who performed literally an hour long DJ set full of bass drops I was literally crying for it to be over, Like I’m all about that life but in a party environment not when I’m waiting to see my husband.

Anyway so finally Justin came out in the clear box with the Mark My Words intro and i was stunned he was GORGEOUSSS he sounded holy.

The show was great, lots of fireworks added to the show greatly, the little bits of dancing here and there was cute but repetitive, and he had that walk and attitude like he didn’t want to be there but thats normal for him.

Another cute thing was, he had a cold and when he was singing cold water in particular, he started coughing a lot which he apologised for and was like ” sorry about the coughing, I’ve got a cold, I’m jetlagged. i must have caught this sickness off one of you guys” he said while pointing in the crowd. So cute.

Seeing all the songs from Purpose live was such a great experience and I had suchhhh a fun night. ❤ Here’s some pics from my night ❤




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