Ageism in Britney’s Career

Now, first and foremost this is not meant to be a negative post as there will be some negative things about her career posted in here, but I say so out of love i swear lol.

So the Glory era is all said and done. Lacklustre sales, BUT a return to form both musically and critically, and one moderate hit. That’s that.

I really think it’s time we realise Britney is never going to rival the pop girls like rihanna, taylor, katy, gaga or ariana EVER again. Her time in pop is over. Radio is done with her, which normally won’t happen to pop artists until about their 40’s, however I think people think britney is already 40+ because of the span of her career. The span of her career is literally 20 years. 20 years is OVER in pop.

Britney is one of those artists stuck between the digital sales/streaming era and is having a hard time crossing over as a streaming artist which is also another problem as streaming is the future. This is not entirely her fault, or the fault of the other and older artists who are struggling with this as they were BIG in the SALES climate. their demographic just don’t do streaming, And the demographic who do just aren’t into those artists they love Ariana, Selena and the new WAVE of pop girls like Zara, Bebe, Dua ect.

This doesn’t mean Britney’s career is all done and dusted. She is still a highly profitable brand and will continue to bring in money through other products like perfumes, touring, and endorsements.

As for her music career. I think it should go as follows.

Release another album with a 2 single era again this year (2017)

Lead single August, Album October. Single 2 Jan2018 and then be done with the era…. because….

2018 will be the start of a 20 years celebration and I think they will be doing something big like a New Greatest Hits Album release with a new lead single which I think could be her only chance of a hit with that hype and go top 10 hopefully. Then she’ll go on a massive 20 years world tour!!


I also decided to work out just for fun the tracklist for her future greatest hits, a 2CD collection it would have to be honestly. I think it would go like this.

Disc 1- Baby One more time/ You Drive Me Crazy/ Sometimes/ Oops I Did It Again/ Lucky/ Stronger/ I’m A Slave 4 U/ Overprotected/ I’m Not a girl, Not yet a woman/ boys/ me against the music/toxic/everytime/Gimme More/Piece Of Me (16 songs, with also a new single)

Disc 2-  Womanizer/Circus/ If U Seek Amy/ 3/ hold it against me/ till the world ends/ I wanna go/ scream and shout/ work bitch/pretty girls (because we just KNOWWW they’ll include it)/ Make Me/ Album 10 Single 1/ Album 10 Single 2 (about 14 songs with a new song too?)


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