The Comparison/Rivalry of Britney & Christina

For some reason, America & The World have a fascination of pitting pop stars against each other. Over the years there has been countless celebrity feuds amongst stars, actresses and the pop stars are no exception.

Debuted both around the same time in the late 90’s, Britney & Christina were both the leading pop stars in the new wave of pop, both excelling in different area’s. Britney, an albums artist, one who was pushing the envelope of sexy at just 16, and Christina, while also being sexualised was remarkable for her incredibly voice and string of hits.


Their differences didn’t stop them being compared, despite uniting several times on stage and after growing up together on the Micky Mouse Club.

Their debut albums and singles have and STILL are pitted against each other and compared to this day. Their “growing up” era’s (Slave/Dirrty) are still compared, pitted and copied to this very day.

Their iconic 2003 VMAs performance with madonna is still referenced to this day, and is very important to this article.

I believe, Christina got fed up with living under Britney’s shadow of success. Britney clearly got enormous amounts of commercial success which I think made Christina feel jealous as she believed her talent and voice was more worthy of.

This side of Christina came out when she made this comment about their 2003 VMA performance together, AFTER she was laughed at for people forgetting she was even there, and again for Britney AGAIN stealing the show.

Christina said that Britney needed to kiss Madonna because she needed a gimmick for her show, and that she wasn’t an artist. She was a performer. Fake and superficial.

Britney, maintained her cool and laughed it off saying “ Hey, didn’t she kiss her too?”

Britney only ever had nice things to say about Christina, like she was in awe of her voice and wished she could sing like that, While Christina had to keep shading Britney’s career, image and marriage to K-Fed.

In fact, It’s a well known fact that Britney never has anything bad to say about ANYONE.

It didn’t help that the media always pitted the two against each other when they would release singles/albums near each other ect, which is still done to this day.

Deep down we love the rivalry don’t we world?



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