Make Me, Music Video Drama (Brit had sex with backup dancer?)

Make Me, was the lead single of Britney’s 9th studio album Glory, and was released July 2016 to roaring reviews. It marked a return to form for Britney. It was promoted at events, and went on to gain a GOLD RIAA Certification, her first US Certification since Work Bitch in 2013. However it wasn’t without it’s drama.

The first we heard of Make Me, was in may 2016 when a well known las vegas reporter posted about Britney having a new single, then thought to be titled “Make Me (Oooh). Following the 2016 BBMA’s performance it was intended to be released however no word was given and fans were left in the dark until a couple months later when it was officially released.

Around June it had been reported that David Lachapelle, who had come out of retirement for this, had been announced as the director for the video. They began filming and we were greeted with the following photo’s from the video shoot posted by Britney herself.


Following this, a video appeared online from the set, in which you can hear Britney shouting ” I don’t like it… fucking asshole”. From this rumours began to swirl, after another absence with no news about the release, that the video had been shelved due to Britney feeling she was pushed beyond what she felt comfortable with sexually. (This I think in regards to her being naked and covered in pink body paint) You can see the video here.

Next rumours swirled that they had been re shooting the video, with little to no budget, as 2m had been blown on the original video. This was proved to be true when Britney said in an EXTRA ET Interview that she had just finished filming a cute video about guys auditioning. Hearts sunk as this description did not match the photo’s we had seen.

Fans rejoice as a 1- Minute leak of the original video leaks online, which you can still find quite easily on youtube.


Britney FINALLY tweeted about the video release, and I remember clicking on the link and my heart instantly sinking. This was NOT the video we had been expecting. We got an extremely lacklustre boring video, filmed by Randee ST Nicholas, for what should have been a super sexy video for the super sexy moody song that it is.

Fans petitioned and rioted and made headlines as they demanded the original video to be released, instead all we got was a statement from Larry saying that the new video fits the song more. What a joke.



There was an extra rumour floating about that added to the conspiracy. There was a very young 19 year old dancer on the set with Britney, who funnily enough Britney tweeted a photo with from the set.. and the rumour was that Britney had SEX with him after days of flirtation. After the incident he apparently told everyone on set, and Britney FREAKED and demanded everything be shut down as she didn’t want to be tied to him/this to come out.

Below is the photo Britney tweeted with her the the rumoured dancer she had relations with. What do you think? Bit sus she tweeted this photo with this ONE random dancer…








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