The Breakdown of Britney Spears (06/07)

Our story starts in the year 2006. Britney’s erratic behaviour and personal life has officially taken over her career. Her career officially put on hold, and party socialite britney had taken over. The headlines were many and far, covering the rise of the internet blogs like TMZ and Perez, as well as covering EVERY newspaper, magazine and TV news bulletin!

Britney’s first big scandal came February 6th, 2006 when she was photographed driving around LA with Sean Preston on her lap. She was question by the LA department of Children Services but was let off under these circumstances. She was escaping paparazzi, although this is no excuse for driving with your child on your LAP, this is a different lifestyle, Britney having hundreds of Papz chasing her, she said she feared her safety and that of her child so she had to make a getaway and did not have the time to properly restrain SP.


Britney’s statement following the situation:

“I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger,” “I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm’s way, but the paparazzi continued to stalk us,” she said. “I love my child and would do anything to protect him.”

Despite her reasons for this, she faced incredible backlash from media: “With a baby on her lap and her hands on the steering wheel, she is offering the child no protection whatsoever. Had she crashed, the baby would have been propelled at massive force against the airbag, causing very serious injury.”


She then makes a rare public appearance on the letterman show in which she announces she is pregnant with her second baby!!

In May the next scandal arrives. She is photographed almost dropping her baby.  She is seen leaving a hotel in New York, she gets tangled on her trousers, while trying to avoid a pothole in the pavement/pebbles and is seen almost dropping her newborn. Her bodyguard helps save the day and helps prevent a major tragedy from happening.–Britney-drops-baby-drop-drink.html

6a00e54efdf1128833016305674a7b970d.jpg download (1).jpeg


Following these incidents, Britney was widely branded as a bad and unfit mother, and so the child custody battle began, rumours of Kevin taking them, her parents taking them swirled in the media.

A divorce application soon followed in November, with Britney being the one to file for divorce after 2 years.Rumoured she tells him via text message. “I WNT 2 DVRCE U” She also demands sole custody. This sparks a feud between the two as Kevin demands sole custody and that he’s going to fight for it.

Excessive partying began on Britney’s part, as she became best friends with other hollywood partiers Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.



Lindsay was under countless DUI’s, drugs and alcohol influences at the time when she crossed paths with Paris and Britney and took the world by storm, no doubt leading Britney further astray into the drug scene. Various Vagina slips appeared from Britney, and Papz of course were there to photograph britney’s vagina, pictures that I won’t post but are of course easily searchable.

The biggest scandal of pop culture ever happens next. In february 2007 Britney is photographed entering a salon and SHAVING OFF HER HAIR.Esther Tognozzi Was the salon owner and describes the situation as bizzare. He says he tried to talk her out of it but she had her heart set on shaving it all off.

“The only emotions that she showed was when she said her mom was going to be mad that she was doing this to her hair and she got a little bit teary eyed,” she said. “Then she all of a sudden realized what she did.”…ntertainment/Health/story She then exists and takes an umbrella and beats a paparazzi’s car! This created shockwaves around the world. Every magazine cover, newspaper, news on television was turned into “Britney Watch” as we tuned in every day, some of us in fear to see one day she would be reported dead.



She was then admitted to rehab, which she entered and exited many times over the next few months. She then fires her career long manager Larry, she fire her bodyguard for failing to pick up her hat who then files  case against britney claiming he’s seen drug use and nudity around her two young children. Britneys publicist then resigns. Britney then takes her kids out of state, which she is strictly not allowed to have done back then and gets herself into even more trouble.

By July she is officially divorced from Kevin, and has a hit and run incident, while driving with her license suspended, with another car, which she is then charged for. The funny thing is she tries to make a getaway even though she is clearly filmed by numerous papz.


Britney proceeds to release her single Gimme More and performs a now iconic for all the wrong reasons performance at the VMAs. She should not have been let on stage in that way, sad then mTV allowed it for the ratings at the time. Stars like Rihanna and Chris brown are seen in the crowd laughing at her.

download (2).jpegew955.jpg

The gimme more video is released, featuring her pole dancing shirtless. Much to the disgrace again of the public. I can remember fondly my parents too were utterly disgusted in this.

She is then involved in a string of more incidents, involving traffic offences and running over a paparazzi’s foot, The same day she settles court arrangements for her first driving incident before when she hit another car. Britney eventually settles this new incident in court and escapes charges because she had compensated the victim.

The bills continue to roll in as she’s ordered to give 120,000 to Kevin for custody costs!

Britney NOW runs a red light and makes an illegal U Turn in traffic with her kids in the car, so an URGENT custody meeting is granted, and Kevin revives sole custody for the kids again.

After this incident Britney loses the mental capacity to cope and is taken into a 72-hour mental lockdown otherwise known as 5150!  I remember seeing these photos of britney and being absolutely heartbroken.


Even worse, although not a widely reported, the following is some saddening and terrifying information. While in this 3 day lockdown Britney apparently wrote 666 on her head and tried to kill herself Britney/666

I believe Britney really was pushed to these limits as she started interacting with a man named Sam Lufti. His intentions were not for her but for her money. He would be feeding her drugs and eventually after this took control of her finances briefly and moved in her home with her man. this man is SCUM, Taking advantage of someone so deeply troubled and lost like that, befriending her trust only to abuse it and use her for other intentions.

This man has still been using her to this very day, he had launched a lawsuit against Britney claiming he owed her countless amounts of money for being her manager, 800,000 a month to be exact. She just recently settled this case in court in late 2016. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for her, to sit opposite him after everything he did to her.

If you want to read more about the sam sueing britney case you can read  here


She spent the next MERE months in hiding, healing and recovering and getting the help she needed, and then she was literally forced back into the studio to work and get over it. She was granted custody back of her kids in July, and out came the COMEBACK Single Womanizer in September, filmed a documentary about her comeback, restored her image and the rest is history!!


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