The Breakdown of Britney Spears: Part 1

Part 1- Circa 2004- 2006 (55 hour Marriage, Knee Injury, Kevin, First Child)

Let me just start by saying America loves to see their sweethearts fall. They have this weird thing about hyping these people up to incredible highs, only to drag them through the dirt and watch on, cheering. Britney was just yet another victim of Hollywood.

The cracks in her image, and attacks to her personally happened all late 2002 onwards when she broke up with Justin Timberlake and she was branded that she was unfaithful. Something I don’t believe.

The next few years Britney solidified herself as a legend in the industry, and she worked for it too.

After a jam-packed 2 years working non stop I believe she really was pushed beyond her limits, and this is when the erratic behaviour happened. When they started to cheer on her fall.

I remember this so clearly, because my parents were on the side of the media.  In early 2004 she made headlines, and I mean HEADLINES for marrying her childhood friend named Jason Alexander in Las Vegas. They were married for 55 hours before a divorce was appealed for. Britney has said she felt she did this as a way to break out of her routine. To do something against her schedule. To feel rebellious. Jason never made any money off her, never used her. He was just a nice guy doing something stupid with his close friend.


Some articles about the famous 55 hour marriage:

 Britney continued her high pace onyx hotel tour for the next few months of the year. Performing in a different city almost every night while doing more promotion on the side. A schedule Britney herself said was “CRAZY”.

She again made headlines in january when while filming the music video for outrageous, the fourth single from In The Zone, she fell and broke her knee. Footage, widely available on Youtube shows her being carried off by a bodyguard as she was unable to walk. With that everything was called. The Tour. Upcoming single release, promo spots like the 2004 VMA’s.

And with that Britney went on a well induced but forced break.

In April she met Kevin Federline. A father to be with then pregnant lady Shar Jackson. Britney again copped it from the media for getting involved with a man who was expecting a child. nether the less,  the pair escaped around the globe and filming for their reality TV Show Chaotic was shot. 


June. Just 5 mere months after her first marriage, Britney is now ENGAGED to Kevin!  Let’s take a look at some articles about that hey. 

Media played this marriage as a stunt, a hoax. Here’s an article “Married Or not? Britney prompts another stir”


They married in September that year 2004,  and in April 2005 Britney announced she was pregnant with her first child Sean Preston who was born September 2005.

A cute article about Britney’s announcement of her pregnancy


I myself liked kevin, I also admire the fact he never used britney for her money either and said he wanted to provide for the family. He made 2 million from the chaotic show.

Britney seemingly ended 2005 on a good note. The birth of her first child, a beautiful self written ballad Someday ( I Will Understand) was released and a promising new relationship, but things were about to get even worse in the next couple years, to be continued in the next part the juicer scandals of 2006/2007!!


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