Why 2016 Was Not A Comeback, But A Rebirth

The start of 2016 was a very bleak one for Britney fans. We had just come off the disastrous Britney Jean album and Pretty Girls releases’ , with nothing else happening in the world of Britney.

Then she hit us with the utter punch of the Piece Of Me Revamp Show! The completely revamped show breathed life not only into her show, but her career in general. It sparked interest in Britney again and garnered good publicity. Britney was back to a personal best, no not on level of Onyx-ney, but honestly the best since then. She showed attitude on stage again, she spoke out on stage, she danced with fire, she smiled, she laughed. These might seem like little things but for us, it means everything.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was time for what the media called the true 2016 comeback. The BBMA’s.

Yes Britney was honoured with millennium artist at the 2016 BBMA’s and also opened the show with a KILLER performance that literally left headlines everywhere. All positive ones too.

(Some tweets with photo’s of newspaper articles praising the shit out of Britney’s comeback performance- twitter.com/…rs/status/735315538428231682 & twitter.com/…rs/status/735396211478388736 )

She THEN delivered Make Me. A song with she wrote, crafted with her heart and soul, and SUNG ON. A song that reassured my faith that the Britney I knew was still in there, to create such a beautiful song like that. And she did! Make Me had terrific reviews and became a top 20 moderate hit.  The video was another scandal in itself. (which will be another article btw)

She then destroyed us again with dropping her past album since Blackout & In The Zone, GLORY. A collection of songs wrote and crafted by her, in her own time with the aid of new A&R Karen Kwak who I believe really pushed Britney to deliver this beautiful record, and for that we owe her everything. #WELOVEKARENKWAK !!

The VMA’s, Jonathan Ross Show & Numerous other festivals and promo slots followed like Carpool Karaoke and a hilarious Skit on the Ellen show, but 2016 was not over yet..

Slumber Party was then released, and after the Make Me video fiasco, the video for this reinstalled faith that Britney could deliver a BRILLIANT video and she did just that! The Slumber Party video will go down as one of the best in her career.

This is why 2016 was not just a comeback. But A rebirth. The rebirth of Britney, as stated by herself.

We need to accept that 2001ney or Onyxney or whateveryearney isn’t coming back. And honestly that’s okay. I’m perfectly happy with this new freshly inspired Britney ❤


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