In The Zone: The Career Establishment

The year is 2003. Following a jam-packed 3-4 years Britney called it that she was having a short break, an announcement that sent the world into a frenzy. 6 months later however, into the studio she went to create my personal favorite album, In The Zone.

Early 2003 was the start of real negavtive press for Britney. Following her break-up from ex Justin Timberlake and a “failed” album ( as if selling 15 million copies isn’t a commercial success) the press were hot on her heels, wondering if she had anything left in her career. Little did they know she was about to shape up the game.

In The Zone was the start of a new era for Britney, a mature and young adult era for both herself and her fans. The album covered familiar topics and new topics such as sex and female masturbation.

The first single Me Against The Music featuring Madonna was a moderate hit, but slightly underperformed if you ask me considering the promo slots and that it was two legends Britney & Madonna. However Britney was still under her extensive Radio Ban ( which will be covered in another article).

After this single, the radio ban was finally lifted and along came the legendary and iconic Toxic.

Toxic was the single that established her from a teen idol to adult pop queen and I mean that literally. It re-introduced her to a whole new audience. The song was a smash worldwide, general public, critics, haters and fans alike loved it.The video, which remains a classic to this day also features two iconic looks, the airplane hostess outfit and the naked body of Britney herself covered in jewels.

They didn’t stop here however. They then released a follow up smash hit, which literally smashed on it’s own, the heart touching ballad, Everytime.

Everytime is the song that showed another side of Britney to everyone and they loved it. It shows you don’t need powerhouse vocals to portray heart wrenching emotion. Aided by the video and ex boyfriend controversy the song was propelled to the top of the charts around the world, again leaving everyone speechless. Britney was not to be messed with.

The album for me, was the album I grew up with throughout my childhood. I was 7 when I got this record, I have so many memories with it. First time listening to the songs, unwrapping it for the first time as it was a present for my birthday. Seeing the music videos from the album for the first time on TV. I still listen to this regularly as a now 20 year old adult.



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