Was The Comeback Too Soon?

The year is 2008, October.
Britney had just released her smash hit comeback single Womanizer, to huge success.
Yes the comeback of Britney Spears was a glorious one, but just MONTHS before a freshly re-died blonde Spears had appeared back in the public eye with “comeback” plastered all over her, she was a trainwreck. How could one simply transition that drastically in such a short time?

The main answer here is money. There was too much money on the line. Not just for her, but for all the countless people who work for her, industry and label leaders calling shots.

Just months before this comeback, Britney was a disaster. Hundreds of paparazzi following her everywhere, her face on every magazine cover, newspaper front page, internet article and even on prime time news broadcasts. A year full of crazy antics, media accusations and personal family drama’s would be enough to leave anyone shattered for years.

So how could someone who would be seen partying every night, someone who shaved their head, broken into paparazzi’s cars, been admitted to mental institutions come back fresh eyed, squeaky clean just months later?

Money. Money that makes the world go around. We all know the industry is a dark place but just how dark? Well I think mid breakdown they were already planning her comeback. That’s how sick it is.
She was NOT given time to rest, to fully recover, given time to process the aftermath of what happened, given time to be a mother to her two young boys. She was pushed back into the deep end,
The longer they waited, the more money lost

The comeback was a success of course. Womanizer became a huge smash hit selling 8 million copies world wide, with follow up single selling Circus selling another 6.3 million. The album followed, debuting at no.1 worldwide, and a huge tell all documentary “For The Record” broke records and gave us answers. Some answers. Some details as to how she was feeling. Some behind the scenes looks at what went on preparing the comeback but through it all I could see behind her eyes she was still a sad girl. She said it herself.

But once the comeback had started, no one cared about break down Britney anymore, everyone was too hyped to think all that had happened just months prior.
It’s sad the music industry.

She had a comeback, but was she really better off? She survived, but did she really?


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