The Early Days (my life with Britney)

1998 Britney Time/2001 my time.

My entire life has been devoted to Britney Spears, my life long devotion. It all started when (( I’m guessing the time frame for this would have been around 2001( 5 years old), and I can explain all this in another fun story later)) I discovered some CD’s my mother was throwing out.

I briefly listened to the first song on each and none really caught my eye until I got to the one titled “Baby One More Time” which featured a then 17 year old Britney posing innocently on the cover. I was intrigued. From the first few seconds of the song blaring I was hooked. I would listen to that thing all damn day on my portable CD player that I got for my Christmas present that year.

Little did I know, But Britney had been hard at work, and at world domination from 1998- then. She had released the studio albums “ Baby One More Time”, “Oops I Did It Again” and “Britney”, sold tens of millions of albums, singles, toured worldwide three times already, performed on just about every television promo spot you could, surprise guest performed at the Super Bowl and even starred in her own movie all by the age of 21. But I was oblivious to all this. I knew none of this had happened while I spend my days listening to that one CD.

The Baby One More Time era is one of the most iconic eras of all time. The single Baby One More Time was a huge HUGE worldwide hit, that literally dominated for years. The song is still referenced in movies, television, you name it! The iconic outfit she wore in the hit video is still copied to this very day. The single went on to sell 10m copies worldwide and the album went DIAMOND in the U.S (10x Platinum) and sold 31 million copies worldwide.



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